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Dont deserve any rates!!! I booked a flight yesterday bec my father died.

I received a confirmation email abt that I'm good to go, received a receipt and my flight itinerary. A while ago went to the airport for my flight and aircanada told me that they cant find my name. Called flighthub cs and they told me that my flight is confirmed. Aircanada cant my name in their system.

Talked to another cs of flighthub and was told that the flight was cancelled and still the airline cant find me. Talked to a supervisor and was told that they can see that the flight was confirmed. Talked to them for almost 3 hrs and later on I was told that the only solution they give is to cancel the flight and was even told that they are supposed to charge me $25 for the cancellation but they will just cancel it for free. Supervisor told me that i dont need to.blame anyone coz they will refund my ticket and that's the best they can do!

My time is wasted and my family is waiting for me. I asked for a new reservation for a later flight for today and the price is higher and they cant even give the same price I was offered!

Very much disappointed and they should be reported to bbb. You cant give back the time you wasted!!!

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Hi, Yesterday, Second time this year I booked a flight over your page. And you did the same thing as the first time.

You canceled my reservation. Why? Why are you even letting me book it and put all my credit card info if you’re gonna cancel it?

THIS IS HAPPENING SECOND TIME THIS YEAR. What kind of customer service is that?

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